AB109 – California Inmate Realignment


AB109 – California’s Realignment of State InmatesAB109 California Inmate Realignment

With the implementation of AB109 on October 1, 2011, many things have changed and are now the law. One of the areas that has had an adverse effect on the criminal justice system is the portion of the law that allows local sheriffs to release inmates via GPS Ankle Monitoring “in lieu of bail”.

State prison inmates are now occupying local jails and the local sheriffs will now have to make room in their jails by releasing inmates that are already incarcerated and awaiting trial.

The courts might start having failures to appear of the defendant in court. The victims might find no real accountability for defendants to go to court. The bail bond industry will be affected if there is no longer a need for people to use a bail bondsman if defendants can get released on a Free Government Release.

The bail bond industry gives the court system a guarantee that defendants will show up in court. Without the bail bond industry there is no guarantee that a person will show up to court. The bail bond industry has an over 95% success rate in ensuring that people appear in court.

The bail industry can help in the implementation of AB109 in the following ways:

  • Continue to bail inmates out and ensure their court dates
  • Return defendants that have missed court back to court at no cost to the taxpayers
  • Pay the full amount of the bond to the court if they fail to return the defendant to court
  • Honor the 8th amendment of the U.S. Constitution in giving the right to those that are presumed innocent until proven guilty the right to reasonable bail

The bail bond industry is made up of a lot of very hard working individuals to do one thing, and that is to make sure that people appear in court. Why would the government want to get rid of such an industry and such a great guarantee that has phenomenal success?

To help in this fight to preserve “Private Surety Bail In California”, please take the time to contact us with your written support of the bail bond industry.

Thank you,
A Ace “Glen” Pierce